Monday, March 31, 2014

Last Day of March

And the sun comes up, not a cloud in the sky.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Rain, Sleet, Snow, Rain

This weekend was a wash out. Terrible weather, really.

It rained mostly all day Saturday, but didn't become heavy until late in the day. The boys didn't have their jackets on, it being closer to 60 than 50, but Skip didn't allow KC to be in the run-in shed, both covered in mud. I let them in before it got dark. We did chores around the house, running errands and a dump run. I feel like I've lost five hundred pounds.

He replaced the moulding around the front door, we'll continue to embellish the doorway, but not today.

It rained off and on all night, and by Sunday morning it was coming down pretty good. I left them in all day, checking on them from time-to-time, straightening up their stalls, fresh water and hay.

By Sunday afternoon we had nearly three inches of water in the bucket on the bricks, and it started sleeting. It was pelting the front windows and sounded like machine-gun fire on the metal roof of the barn. Then it started snowing, accumulating anywhere there wasn't standing water. I think they were glad to be inside.

We had errands to run - IN THIS WEATHER! - going to a couple different grocery stores for his mother, then delivery of these groceries. Before we could get going we locked ourselves out of the house and the car. He likes to turn the heat on while the car is parked, plugged into the outlet, because it doesn't use any 'juice.' I picked up the key fob and my house keys and went outside, putting the key fob on the front seat, and the house keys in my purse, which was in the back seat. The car came up to temp and turned itself off.

He had the spare fob in the house and turned the heat back on remotely while in the kitchen, and the car locked itself - at the same time he put the spare fob on the kitchen counter and walked out the door, which was already in the locked position. It was raining, it is cold and sleeting/snowing. Fortunately the shed was unlocked. My spare house key is also locked in the Volt. I suggested he use his 'app' to unlock the door, but he said he had deleted it. I never had one. I also don't have the 800 number, all I have is USRider Insurance, and they would come out to unlock the car. He called "ON STAR" and they unlocked the car for us, took about one minute. I need to get more spare house keys around this place.

It was good to get back home, with sleet and snow accumulated around anything that wasn't standing water. I fed the horses early, closing the Dutch doors. With snow on the ground, it was a chilly night.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Cold - Like A Broken Record

We seem to be stuck in perpetual Winter - we got about 5 inches of snow on Tuesday, but didn't stick much to the treated roadways. Later on it go really windy, creating a wind chill that froze anything that was wet, and moving snow around.

Last night got down to around 14 degrees. This is past tiresome, the boys are spending too many consecutive nights inside and going through sawdust and hay. When will this end?


Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Tonight we arrived home in the continuing snow storm. We got around 4 inches throughout the day, and was supposed to wind up around 6:00 p.m. but was still snowing when we got home. Finally stopped around 8:00 p.m.

I was doing my house-wifey chores, laundry in the basement, and heard a tick - tick - tick and thought it was Irene on patrol. It was too rhythmic to be her, so I went into his shop to find the paint pan on the floor getting dripped into. There is no finished ceiling at this particular area, and water is dripping down the heating duct, just by coincidence into the paint pan.

I report the news to him and he has to go through his denial phase, assuming it is coming from the upstairs bathroom, roof leak or something like that. But, no, it is the toilet! He assumes it is the wax ring, which we don't have on hand, but that isn't it, either. One of the brass bolts on the tank has failed, and we don't have that size in the house.

So, in the snow he goes out to the BIGORANGEBOXSTORE to get brass bolts and washers. Even in this weather he is back in 45 minutes. He puts the toilet back together and we're back in business. That toilet is just three years old.

One thing that he noticed is the amount of sediment in the tank. He believed that the well was compromised during his quest to lay blame on his ailment last winter, with testing water several times and like that. I don't even want to think about what that would entail - or the cost of such a venture.

Today is also KC's birthday - my little man is eleven years old!

Last Tuesday in March - Snow

Doesn't look much like a spring day.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Rock Hall

Rock Hall was built in 1810 by Roger Johnson, the brother of Thomas Johnson, Maryland's first governor. The brothers owned and operated furnaces, employing about 400 people in that operation and ancillary business lines. At that time this area was practically wilderness, with Elk, wolves, cougars, bears, turkeys, and passenger pidgeons, and everything else that would eventually be pushed further west.

The house is a remarkable architectural example of a manor house built at that time. The first addition was constructed around 1825, adding another stairwell, an upstairs sleeping porch, great receiving room and incorporating the kitchen hearth. The hearth stone was bigger than a Volkswagen, and the wood floor was laid around it.

The two-story second addition was built as a frame house around 1930, with clapboard siding. It looks like a doll house.

It is a private residence and was brought back from the brink of disaster some 40 years ago, when the windows were rotted out, the roof was nearly gone, the floors warped. The plaster ceilings and walls were replaced, electrical and plumbing brought up to the current century's standard. The kitchen hearth was uncovered, fully entact, having been encapsulated in a plaster sleeve. Some of the iron inner workings of the hearth were still there.

The stone tiered mounting block still stands at the end of the walk, which is lined by ancient boxwoods.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Has Sprung!

It is officially Spring, and it is trending to warmer and brighter, but I've heard a rumor (again) about measurable snowfall next week.

I'm done.

Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Patrick's Day - Snow Day

Another 9 inches of snow fell on us, starting on Sunday late aternoon, continuing until Monday afternoon.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Ride Time

Saturday's weather was pretty good; started out a little cloudy, but cleared up – so we rode Saturday! The boys came up to the gate; they are ready to go, too, having had enough hanging out at home.

Saturday we had a nice ride – the weather was delightful, the sky that gorgeous blue that you want to bottle – around 60 degrees, with a breeze. We parked at Marriottsville trail headriding out a little before 11:00. Going through McKeldin, there was little that was blocked or terribly muddy. No more than usual in the spring-fed low spots.

Few people out and about, we were able to kick it pretty good on the straight-aways. He seemed to be on his best behavior.

We ran into a friend and her family on the trail, then went to the Woodstock Inn for lunch. While there more friends came in and joined us. We rode back to the trailer with them after lunch.

On our way home our road is blocked at the county line – we have the horse trailer – the cop blocking the road says you’ll have to back up – really? it is ¼ mile back to the next road. He says there was a fatal car accident on top of the hill. He allows us to go up to the Park trail head parking and turn around – we go ‘around the block’ which is actually about 5 miles and the road is blocked on the topside, too. I jump out of the truck, give that cop my license and say ‘my house is third on the right, can I go there?” he says, ’can you see your house from here?’ I said, ’that’s my mailbox there, on the ridge, you’ll see us pull into the driveway.’

The tragedy hung over us through the evening, watching the flat bed trailer go past the house with the SUV and the demolished motorcycle. Sad loss of life on a beautiful Saturday.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Weather Whip Saw

Yesterday started out with a brilliant red sky sunrise. Ain't no sailor, but can tell you from experience nothing good comes of it.

The daytime temps were close to 70, what a gorgeous day, breezy. Continued like that most all day, with a sprinkle in the afternoon.

While driving home I noticed a strange looking weather situation ahead, looked like a fog bank in the power line path. My brain didn't like to acknowledge what my eyes were seeing.

A half-mile later we turned onto our road and the rain was waiting for us. By the time I got out of the car it was coming in sheets.

I got the little ones into the barn just with my personality, and the boys I coerced from the over hang. I wasn't going to stand at the gate in the pouring rain. They made a mad dash for it and into their stalls. It was still warm. I was soaked through three layers of clothes.

I gave them hay and water, and the sun was so bright beaming into Lil Fred's stall, but I could hear it still raining on the metal roof. I walked outside, under the over hang and there was a well-formed rainbow over the pasture.

Through the night the temperature dropped and the breeze picked up to some serious, house-shaking wind, with branches flying and anything not nailed down was moving. I put their blankets back on them before going to bed.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Daylight Saving Time - Spring Forward

To me there are two seasons - Summer and Dark. We are now in Summer season. Yea, Sunshine and longer days!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Winter Fatigue

I am officially over winter, but winter is not through with me.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

First Sunday In March

We took the opportunity to ride, knowing it was going to rain/sleet later in the day, then snow all day Monday. Make hay when the sun is shining, ride when you can.

We parked at Marriottsville rail crossing, the parking lot was full of water, and from what we could see the trails had been nearly unused since the last snow.

We headed out through McKeldin, staying on the 'sunny' side of the river. There were still areas of deep snow, and ice patches, but we managed fairly well. Last time we went out it was quite the adventure, with KC remembering that ice is not his friend.

Further along there was evidence of other riders, but probably not today. We had a nice lunch, visiting with patrons and answering queries of the riding facilities and the quality of local schools. Both are excellent, not just my opinion, you can look it up.

It started sleeting a little on the way back, by the time we arrived at our trailer I was wet. A friend stopped in to exclaim that she saw us there earlier, but didn't stop because she was on her way to Winchester, and was SHOCKED that we were still out. It is common knowledge that we are nuts, so don't judge.

Knowing we were going to get some serious snowfall, I then ran out to the grocery, prepped stalls for the overnight. He spread manure. We're in for it, and need to be prepared, no matter what.