Sunday, June 30, 2013

Awning Replacement

During the week he replaced the awning on the living quarters trailer. The original was tired, punctured and faded. In its life it had been pierced by falling limbs and it was time. He worked on this project nearly every evening, weather permitting.

The weather has been kind of 'iffy' around here. We are in a wet/rainy pattern that just won't let us go. Everything is lush, grass constantly needs cutting, chronic flood
warnings in the area.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Hot and Cold

Been planning for a long time to install exterior faucet for hot and cold water. We originally got this idea from a travel trailer we owned, among many amenities it featured an outdoor shower. We used this faucet to do dishes, hose the dogs off, clean fish, etc., and have since installed a shower on the LQ trailer.

I've heard lots of people deny that horses can colic if hosed down with cold water
while hot. I also know how much it costs for the vet to come out on a holiday weekend for emergency colic remedy, and how quickly they can get out here.

He installed the hot/cold faucet with freeze-proof pipes today, interior work while it was raining, exterior work when it stopped raining. This is going to be awesome!

It's A Bird, It's A Plane, It's Super Moon!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer Solstice

We wait all year for this; long days, mild nights, lightning bugs, sunny days. We're always in a hurry, and the day shows up and we barely notice because we are doing this and that.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Get You In The End

Sunday, father's day, had unsettled weather predicted that never came to fruition. When are we going to stop listening to these guys! Well, we didn't listen to them, we went riding!

Thankfully it was cloudy, because when the sun peaked out here and there it was hot! And the deer and horse flies were waiting for us.

After crossing the outlet for the reservoir, we picked up the speed down the curvy, sandy path along the Patapsco. KC dragged my hands down with his heavy head, which he has not done in months, and I slammed on the (his) brakes. He almost rear-ended me, but said there was a large horse fly on KC's butt - SPLAT! - Now there is a dead horsefly and a blood smear on KC's rump.

He does hate horseflies. He's been known to drop-and-roll when one lights on him, and he was getting wound up to buck with this heinous insect on his derrier.

The trail is marked; this must be the way!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Run-In Shed Apron Upgrade Project

For sometime we've planned on laying a cresent-shaped piece of geo-textile 'cattle' carpet in front of the run-in shed. We do have a gutter over the opening, but this is a chronically wet spot. Because of the dynamics in the field, our shed frequently holds only one horse.

The run-in shed is 10 feet by 18 feet, with a nice window with a drop-down shutter. Skip loves parking himself in the shed and looking out the window.

The view from his window is excellent. Sometimes he allows KC to join him. Sometimes not.

Horses' hooves are an engineering marvel, an evolutional phenomena, but they need maintenance and proper care. I hear from lots of people that think that because wild Mustangs don't get farrier care, why should a back yard horse? Don't get me started; that's for another rant at another time.

One thing that a horse, wild or domestic, doesn't need is feet soaked in wet mud or standing water. This will cause more problems than you can shake a checkbook at. Horses that have deep, narrow crevices in their frogs have the most issue. Can you guess which horse has little feet with narrow crevices? O boy.

There are wonderful products on the market, and internet, to treat horses feet. KC has been on a suppliment for hooves, and it really does work. But marinating in mud is not doing him any favors. I've been also using a Thrush treatment that is helping.

I've seen KC nochalantly back himself into the shed, slowly, so Skip doesn't notice. Sometimes he stands in the mud, just outside the shed.

This year spring was delayed about three weeks. Everything was late, even the snow. This month, barely half done, is the rainiest June in memory. The mud outside the run-in shed is doing very well. We were going to ride Sunday, so today is a great day to tackle this project.

He cut the cattle carpet in a half-circle and brought wheel barrow after wheel barrow full of stone dust to top it off, level to the run-in shed bottom rail. This will cure the mud issue and help KC dry his feet out, once and for all.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Deja Vu All Over Again

Thursday we had plenty of warning of a derecho, which did not actually occur. However, close by (within 2 miles) we had a confirmed tornado touch down, destroying a barn, garage and a shed. And numerous trees, some pretty darn big and old. I'm heart-broken over the 150+ Oak tree on the side of Woodbine Road toppled in a heap.

The night before I stowed everything that could move away, cleaned stalls, he spread manure, went to town to get fuel in the cans for the generator, filled buckets with water, and did everything that we hadn't done for last year's derecho event. He said there was a line at the gas station, everyone was filling up little cans. I had gone to the grocery earlier.

Last year we didn't know what this word meant, this year we are seriously preparing.

The storm hit while at work. Couldn't see the 10-lane highway outside the window. The lights were flickering, the computer was fading in and out. It sounded like a freight train around here. O boy.

With much anxiety, we got home to find the bricks were dry, the rain bucket showing about an inch of rain and the boys were dry. Not a single leaf or twig was out of place. No water in the basement, sun trying to come out. Others were not so lucky.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Severe Weather Warnings

Monday evening we had severe weather warnings, on the TV and on the cell phone! We are really getting more and more like Star Trek. Advised to take shelter NOW! and so we did, moving everyone into the mancave for safe keeping. We never lost power either.

Watching the weather map, I had moved everyone into the barn with hay and water, out of the wind and driving rain. The sky was seriously black, and it was windy, however we didn't lose any limbs, branches, just some pine cones on the driveway. All in all we got about four inches of rain in about an hour. By 8:30 p.m. the sun was trying to come out, by 10:00 all was quiet, except for the Peepers.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up

Recently learned that Lexie barks at thunder. Was reminded of that twice this week - at around 3:00 a.m. - in the morning a.m.

It did rain, lots, on Friday. No thunder or lightning, but probably about 4 inches of rain. I was shocked that it is not that muddy. Had briefly thought about bringing the boys in for the night, but they were tucked into the run-in shed so I didn't want to interfere. It was very warm, humid.

Predicted to rain on Saturday, it did not! We got lots of little things done, and he ran over to our old house to address the lawn mower issue, which turned into a non-issue. We now have our old mower at the house and the tenants have a brand-new Honda. Aren't they lucky?

On Sunday we chose to ride. I think it was a good choice. Mostly overcast, but still warm, we had a great ride.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Tonight, We Ride!

First time in a couple years, actually, that we had a sunset ride around the place. Mostly we ate Orchard grass and blooming clover, but the weather was delightful - like California! We will be getting a visit by the named storm Andrea. But tonight, we ride!

Monday, June 3, 2013


Been getting hay, five or six bales at a time. Noticed that some hay has been recently cut, seeing loads going back and forth past our house.

Finally, Todd has hay!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

A Walk In the Woods - June's Version

Today was not as hot, and the day progressed into cloudy skies. Also a breeze was mostly present. We saw no riders on the trails, but lots of bikers and hikers, plus picnickers and swimmers.

When we got back home it started to rain, Sprite stuck her head out of the barn for an eye-witness weather report.

Saturday, June 1, 2013


The day dawned HOT - which made it a perfect spa day! We had to run errands, most done in an air conditioned car or store. As the day progressed, it got hotter and more humid.

We gave the horses baths today - starting with the minis. Little horses are harder to wash than big horses. Even if they behave themselves, their lower chasis makes it more difficult to get them washed, rinsed and combed out. We tried several different products to get all the dirt, dried manure, schmegma, etc., off these guys.

No affiliation, would recommend using EZall spray equine body wash. It really works as advertised, don't get as wet yourself, because you do it from a distance, eliminating some of the hazards of washing an unruly horse.

In the past, Lil Fred has been a total demon, out-of-control crazy horse. He's been known to kick, plunge and otherwise become dangerous, as dangerous as a 250 lbs. miniature horse can be. He's been just as bad with fly spray and other items that need to be applied by spray bottle.

He was much better this time, taking it like a gentleman, mostly.

Sprite is a girly-girl. She loves the bath, loves having her hair 'done' and all that stuff. I wanted to wait until they were dry to put them out, but we ran out of time/daylight and they rolled, while wet, in their stalls.

We also did the big boys, which is so much easier.