Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Rainy Night

First night of the season that everyone stayed in. It was raining, and then it was cascading down in sheets.

I had turned all the lights out, we were brushing out teeth, 'fixing' to go to bed. I walked in the bedroom and heard the rain really coming down. I thought I'd check the basement before I took off my boots and jeans.

There was water in the basement. I let him know that and he went out to check the rear gutter. I went out to check the exterior stair well and boy did I get an eye full!

I ran back in to change out of my Ariat boots for my Muck Boots, those being waterproof up to about my knee. I was going to need that.

The sump pump was not activated AND the black tube that goes from the downspout was not attached. The water was gushing out and going down the stairwell, about two feet deep at this point. It was coming under the basement door into the basement.

He got the sump pump going and I got the wet-vac going and stayed up till nearly midnight vacuuming the basement floor. From end to end, sideways and lengthwise. Crap.

And this wasn't even the hurricane! It stopped raining about 11 o'clock, but the water was still on the basement floor. I was soaked clear through my jean jacket and jeans. My clothes were heavy and dripping. Apparently rain water makes my hair curly.

We received over six inches of rain from about 4:30 p.m. to 11:00.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Total Eclipse of the Moon!

Overcast, mostly, all day. The sun popped out now and then, but generally low ceiling all day.

The eclipse started around 9:15 p.m., and the clouds parted so I could get a glimpse. Apparently this particular kind of eclipse of the SuperMoon won't happen again until I'm 76 years old.

Sunday, Let's Ride Again!

Sunday trip to Woodstock Inn. Through trails we hadn't been on in a while. Overcast, so I was hitting the high meadows without feeling I was melting or burning.
We stopped to inspect the '58 Bel Air with the witch mannequin inside.

We ran into friends at the Woodstock Inn, but we ate alone, in the window.
We saw Deer and a hawk.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Last September Saturday Ride!

We rode to EW Beck's, using the new trail on the way out, and revisiting an old trail we haven't used in a while on the way back.

We went out the 'side' at the LOMH and crossed the road at the archery range. There were two guys in camo next to a truck with PA tags. When we got up to them I said, "almost didn't see you there!" I believe lots of hunters think that we don't or won't approve of the bow hunters in the woods. I don't care. We are overrun with deer in this area.

We got into the woods and chose to go the direction of the Big Poplar. Instead of going up the hill, we went right along the base of the hill, along the creek. We didn't travel very far into the creek area when KC threw his head down, not to snatch grass, but to rug his legs. Uh Oh! Then I heard Skip stomping and he said, 'BEES!!" and I said, "GOOOOOOO! and we all took off and ran until we were out of the woods. The bees did not follow us and none of us got stung. Maybe our horses did. We let them eat grass in the hay field, then we proceeded out through the fields to Gorsuch Switch.

At the bottom of the hill we didn't cross the rail road tracks, we turned right onto the newly tag trail. This is a great trail and a wonderful addition to travel to E.W. Beck's.

The new trail goes through woods, meadows, the ball park, hay fields, and past an old homestead.

Sykesville was fairly busy on this Saturday morning, with the Southern States Cooperative being double parked in their lot. KC was hesitant in going between the cars, but he finally relented with my insistent nagging.

The sidewalk gets fairly narrow along Main Street because of the way the buildings are positioned. We rode down the road, made the right and then into the parking lot.
Tied up next to the Police Department in the stand of trees.

The food at E.W. Beck's is pretty darn good. Nearly everything on the menu is exactly as described and rarely does this place disappoint. We sat on the patio.

We managed to stop traffic while crossing the river bridge on the way out and got into the little park on the left. We let the horses eat some grass in the is park for a few minutes. While minding our own business, Sonny decided it would be a good idea to kick KC. KC was not going to let that shot go unanswered. He spun around and landed one, I could barely stay in the saddle. I was so out of shape that I decided to step off instead of trying to get back into the saddle. It's like riding a Cuisinart, honestly. As Martin said, "it happened in a flash." True enough

We traveled back the old way, but when we crossed the tracks at the bottom of the archery range hill we decided to go left, through the woods. It is a great way and apparently new to them.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sunny Sunday

Farrier was out early in the morning to do the boys.

And a late ride in the neighborhood.
Sun sets at 7:30, got back a deep twilight.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Rainy Saturday

Or a rainy day.

We actually desperately needed the rain, and we didn't get as much as we wanted. But it did rain, heavy at times. When it was misting we took the dog for a walk to inspect what the tree trimmers had done to the right-of-way. When we got back it started to pick up a little.

We worked on his and that around the house, and noticed it was really coming down and the boys really, seriously wanted in! The Littles have no problem staying out in rain, but the boys are spoiled. It didn't last, but at that moment is was magnificent.

Went over to the BigOrangeBox for a bathroom fan and switch for his mother's bathroom, but that proved not to be a viable solution, so we returned the new fan and the switch, he ordered the part on-line, then picked up copious amounts of birdseed for her feeder.

Monday, September 7, 2015

House Painting Project - Front Side

We came back from camping and started painting the front of the house, early. But it took longer than anticipated, as usual, and the sun creeped over the roof and we were getting fried.

We plan on replacing the black metal shutters with 'wineberry' vinyl shutters, to match the storm door.
One of these days I'll have a front porch with pillars.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Stellar Camping Weekend!

We haven't camped in the trailer since 2013, and that was one over-night in West Virginia to mow grass. No horses, no riding. It was one of our New Year's Resolutions, too. Finally, we're camping!

The weather could not be better for camping. No rain in sight, warm days and perfect nights.

We had 'neighbors' right next to us, a family with two girls and three horses and a dog. They went riding, ride out time was 8:00 o'clock. We were up, but we aren't riding out that early! We're having breakfast with coffee, leisurely. He showers, I shower, walk the dog and hang out.

Our friend rode out with a group of her gaited-horse friends, and we got ready to go. We left around 10:30.

We rode to Sykesville, heading out straight out the driveway, crossing the road and into the park. We turned right, going to the swimming hole. Beautiful day, holiday weekend, and no one was there at the swimming hole. We are alone!

We go into the woods to the right, following the path along the Patapsco River. I see a heron! We run into a rider, she was camping near us, not very friendly, she's heading back to the club. We continue on and see a trio of riders, meeting on a very steep bench-cut go-around at the river. I back KC up enough for them to decide what they want to do. One rider is acting fearful about the situation.

We continue on, picking up the speed where we can, relaxing and chatting, letting the boys graze at other spots.

We make our way along the river, the trail is dusty with the lack of rain, some areas are hard as bricks, others are loose sandy spots. There are hikers and joggers and dog people out on the trail. We see no horses on this stretch.

We come out onto River Road and there are people fishing and playing in the river. It is a beautiful day. As we are going up the roadway we see our friend and her group in the river. We go into the river and chat with them for a minute.
The group was tagging and routing a new trail on the other side of the river that goes back to Gorsuch Switch Road trail, and we are very interested in this way. They encouraged us to use it, the more that do the better the trail will be.

We got to Sykesville, fairly uneventful with the road and bridge, no trains. KC was great in the parking lot and along the sidewalk, that does get narrow because of the way the buildings are constructed along Main Street. It is wide enough for him to keep his feet on, but that's about it.

We had a delightful lunch, sitting on the patio in the shade. We headed back and as we got onto the road a cop pulled someone over right on Main Street, lights flashing. We rode on the sidewalk right past them, KC was stellar.

Into the river, we looked for the tags and finally found the exit from the water, crossed the train tracks and immediately into the woods and hillside. The trail was tagged very well, mostly, and it was great riding in an area we have never been in before.

We were told later their were ground bees at this lovely stone house ruin.
We did not run into the bees ourselves.

We finally got back to camp around 5 o'clock. Max was a good boy, we got positive reports from other campers. We also learned that someone had gotten into bees and fell from her horse, who then stepped on her, breaking her pelvis in three places and broken wrist. She was back-boarded over a mile to the helicopter for airlift to Shock Trauma in Baltimore. I did hear a helicopter over us, but the leaf canopy is very dense in this park.

People were worried about us, but our ride was uneventful, really.

Friday, September 4, 2015

And A Pot To Piss In

We're going camping! It's also our anniversary. Awww!

Today we spent most of our time scraping the front of the house and ending with power washing the blocks.

Also spent time getting essential camping equipment, clothes, horse and dog stuff, and food into the trailer.

We finally get ready to go. Skip is totally aware that something is happening and he believes he's going to be a part of it. They are anxiously awaiting the cue to load up. They've been in the dry paddock since about 1:00 p.m. Both boys HATE to urinate in the dry paddock. KC will hold it all night, until I let him out in the morning, because he does not want to pee in the stone dust.

Finally, we get everything ready and load the boys into the trailer. They haven't been in this trailer in over two years. First Skip pees, while I'm announcing this news, KC joins in. ARGH!!! This is the first time KC has every done that in the trailers, ever. Urine etches aluminum so we HAVE to rinse this out.

We pull the boys out, into the sacrifice area, and he hoses off the mats and floor in the trailer. Replaces the saw dust. It's getting later and later.

We get to the club around 6:30 or so, and it is busy. Not as crowded as it could be, but it is. He is not happy with the lack of parking/camping in the woods, which he had planned on. I tell him it makes no matter mind to me if we turn around and go home. It's him that laments not having a 'vacation' in over two years.

A friend sees us in the lane and says there is a space up by her, and it has trees and electric. We pull in and it's perfect. He maneuvers the trailer back and forth and gets it just right and level. He gets the boys out and they are soaking wet. Hot, hot, hot. We left the fan in the other trailer and Skip is drenched.

We hang the high-line and the hay nets on the line and tie them to it. They are happy. We're happy. Everyone is happy

Happy Campers

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

First Day of September

Hot today - and I mean HOT - nearly 100 today. We've actually had decent weather, but that is also history. It is DAMN HOT.