Saturday, September 27, 2014

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Snake Totals

This year: Three alive, four dead.
This one was alive, given water and relocated outside the house.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday - Work Work Work

My spine is seeking legal counsel. Don't blame it, been misused and ill-treated. The dirt is like chocolate cake mix, but the trench is only about 8 inches wide, at the most, so the repetition of shoveling is wearing my back out.

The PEX pipe must be set at least 24 inches deep, the electric conduit at eighteen inches. The trench is so narrow it is hard to get one leg in it, except for the junctions or curve.

While putting the horses out, together, the two of them were fussing at each other and Skip swung around and got his leg in the trench. The rock wall and narrow trench was just big enough to take his back leg and scrape the hair right off. I had to literally pull him out by his halter and lead rope. I put Wonder Dust on the wounds.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Digging In The Rain

I was grateful for the overcast skies today, my back was protesting, but the temperature was good for manual labor.

Raining heavy at times, we hung out in the barn aisle with the horses. By 4 o'clock the sun came out, the breeze picked up and the clouds quickly moved off to the east, like it had never rained.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Happy Trails

Beautiful, gorgeous day. Low humidity, cooler by 20 degrees. Wow, what a difference 12 hours makes! We left the house around 10, putting Max in the crate for the duration.

When we were leaving the parking lot we literally ran into a neighbor. He was pulling into a space right behind Skip's legs. Turns out he owns the local Wine tasting venue up the road from us. He had the enormous Oak tree on the side of the road that was blown down by the tornado that came through a couple years ago. Sad to see that tree go, it was huge.

He was telling us about the upcoming plans for the farm, his solar panels, and claimed to have caught one of our ponies on the roadway and returned it to the paddock. I didn't want to call him a liar, but if he caught one pony, he would have to catch the other. They are a set. I believe he has the farms mixed up, and it seems that everyone, except him, has a green-roofed barn.

Max was not happy in the crate. He knocked Irene's carrier onto the floor, pulled the backpack through the wire mesh and shredded the straps and fasteners. Irene really liked resting on that backpack. It took a serious beating. Freedom once tasted becomes a right.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Brakes, Breaks and Breakthrough

Friday was brutally hot and I had errands to run late in the day. I planned on letting Max out of his cage for the couple, three hours that I would be gone. I know, taking a chance.

I got the errands sorted out, but didn't get back until after he arrived home. So, what happened? A pillow was knocked off my chaise next to the book shelf. Really, that's it? Wow, the dude is growing up!

The flatbed trailer had an issue with the right front wheel. He had ordered parts from the manufacturer, and while he was complaining that the parts would probably show up next week the UPS guy pulls into the drive way. Just like Christmas!

Still blazing hot, he sets up the beach umbrella on the trailer and swapped out the parts, packed the new bearings ring and put it all together. The casualty of this episode is that the truck's ABS sensor blew. It was not a fuse, it wasn't the ABS, it was the sensor. He found one at the local Ford dealer, to be picked up in the morning.

Still blazing hot, and so humid my hair looked like a witch's coif. We ate outside, don't know why, and he didn't resume moving stone dust to the new run-in shed. It will be cooler in the morning, in the shade.

We decided not to ride Saturday because it was too hot, we had plenty to do around here, and Sunday would be a better riding day. We were going to the Ford dealer, which was near the grocery store and we would make a loop back home. Easy, right? You'd be wrong. We again left Max out for the time we'd be gone.

The Ford dealer was not manned properly for Saturday parts commerce. Unfortunately he wasted a good half hour and still didn't have the part in his hand. The final blow was the line jumper that butted in front and got waited on. What a waste of time that was! We stopped by the grocery store and headed home to put things away. Max was good as gold.

He called around, found the part in the exact opposite direction that we had traveled in the morning. Left Max out, again, and headed out, again. Blazing hot, the car said it was 91 degrees. Scorcher.

We got the part, went to Southern States Cooperative. He got a bag of Orchard Grass mix for the bare spots that have been created in the new fields from ditch fill-in and groundhog eradication methods. Got more bombs, too.

Once again, Max was an angel. He didn't even know we were gone. He then was going to spread manure, but the chain broke, again! He used the rolling magnet to find the two pieces of the master link in the high grass. Darn! Right after that the lawn mower wouldn't start. We have a new battery. Apparently the solenoid has failed and is not allowing the battery to charge while the mower is running.

We had actually planned on doing a number of things but with all the time wasted and the equipment failing, we didn't get much done on the list. We also need to do something else for manure management besides filling the spreader until it is full.

He wanted to move on to moving some more stone dust, and while he was doing that one of the hydraulic lines burst.
Like rupturing a major artery, the fluid spurt out at high pressure, nearly hitting him as he sat in the seat, and spraying hydraulic oil on the tires, the bucket, the tractor's hood - everywhere. Darn!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Special Delivery

Finally! The run-in shed was delivered this morning.

Had a window of 8:AM to 10. He was home with me, waiting. He called at 10 to say no shed, when? Closer to 11. OK.

Closer to 11 no shed. Closer to 11:30, saw it coming up the road.

Monday, September 1, 2014

September's Debut

Labor Day - holiday - and it is bloody hot, really, really hot. 95 in the shade and humidity is off the charts.

On Saturday Skip lost a shoe, and Sara was planning on stopping over to put it back on. The arrival time kept shifting later and later. Still hot when she finally arrived.