Sunday, July 28, 2013

Last Sunday in July

Hard to believe the month is winding down. It surely flew by, some of which was wasted hiding from temps in the 100s.

We opted to stay home and take care of some of that 'honey-do' list. We cleaned out the standing water and leaf matter in the landscaping bins. Unfortunately these bins were installed poorly, and water accumulates with debris and makes a thick tea that has to be manually scraped and pushed out. One of these days we will install a roof over the bins, which will have to extend past the apron to avoid the rain water surge.

He trimmed the 'suckers' and dead branches out of the Maples in the 'little woods.' I cleaned the debris up, dragging it to the burn pile.

After lunch he tackled the debris pile that has been residing next to the LQ trailer for the past couple years. Tree limbs from named hurricanes just kept piling up. There is wildlife in there, too. He said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. This debris pile journey began with one stick. And a wheelbarrow. We really need to have another bonfire, soon.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Ride Time

The weather forecast being iffy, we chose to ride on Saturday. Doesn't matter that the dust bunnies are growing, they'll be there when we get back.

We trailered over to Marriottsville; the club grounds were full of overnight campers, busy. Some riders were coming back in from riding, others, like us, were just heading out. There were several hikers, etc., on the trails - nice day to be out in the woods. Fluffs is very friendly and has to stop to say hi to the bikers and hikers. We saw a guy on the trail near the woodstock, he had his canoe in the water. Fluffs said hi. At the woodstock the boys were tied to the hitching post nearest the road (in the shade) and the guy must have said to his wife and in-laws that the horses were friendly. There ended up being a small crowd petting the boys and getting photographed while we ate our lunch. When we came out the boys were sleeping - hate to wake them! They get so relaxed there.

On the way back, at the convergence of Piney Run and the Patapsco River a big BOOM of thunder sounded. I jiggled, he was pretty good about it. We hurried to the bridge, pausing under it for a minute. In the past we've been known to sit under the bridge and wait for the weather to clear. He said, 'should we make a run for it.' I said, 'yes,' half-way up the hill he said, 'the operative word was "run," and we aren't.'

We never got wet and the thunder didn't sound again until we were in the trailer. It started raining after we stowed everything away, loaded the boys and heading down the road. Deja' vu all over again. Glad I wasn't camping out, lots of people were doing just that. Later on at home we got about an inch of rain, the boys hiding in the run-in shed.

Another OOPS Moment With Sprite

Sometime overnight Friday/Saturday Sprite got her tail wrapped around one of the levers on the manure spreader, which was parked in the barn aisle. Apparently at some speed, she pulled the spreader out of the barn, made the sharp left under the overhang, out into the open space and back towards the overhang, where she ran into the last pillar, smashing the downspout, taking a good chunk out of the pillar,
and ripping her tail hair in the process.

Friday, July 26, 2013


After our recent pattern of rain, rain, and thunderstorm rain, we have 'cold' weather! Makes me think of back-to-school. The weather front just showed up, with temps and humidity falling over several hours.

Slept with the window open for a couple nights in a row. Irene really, really likes that. I think she stays up all night in one window sill or another, watching bugs flying around. With the waning full moon, it makes for great evenings outside.

Yesterday morning the temperature was 54 degrees. For mid-July this is seriously weird, like Maine or Montana, not Maryland.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Weekend Update - Mid July

We like having patterns. We started with a rainy patch that last nearly 35 days, then on to a 100 degrees or better with no rain for several days in a row. Now we are enjoying thunderstorms in the afternoons, leaving the gutters clogged, water in the basement.

Friday afternoon we got one of those quick thunderstorms. The sun was still shining, making driving really hard - each droplet was a rainbow and it was blindingly bright.

Saturday we worked on this and that, housewife chores, cleaned stalls and spread manure. We then went to a crab feast!

Later on in the evening it rained, again, getting nearly two inches of rain within an hour and a half. Seems also to be breaking the spell of high heat.

Frosty Gatsby

With great sadness we said good-bye to an awesome horse, 'Gatsby,' who owned Jacquie Cowan. He was a Tennessee Walking Horse and a certified Search and Rescue team member. Gatsby left this world to run in the Greener Pastures over the Rainbow Bridge.

Gatsby presented with a rather quick onset of colic (or displaced bowel, or some such belly problem).

They were hosting a display at Little Bennett for the Maryland Horse Council, CPWH, TROT-SAR when he started not feeling right. After calling in a vet to the park, Jacquie bundled him up and drove him to Leesburg, Marion duPont Scott Equine Center, where further tests indicated a need for surgical intervention, or . . . well, you know.

He excelled in everything he did and will be greatly missed by all who knew him.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Heat Wave

We're in the middle of a serious heat wave, and the first period of no rain. We got a little sprinkle on Monday morning, but has been dry since. Now we are baking. Heat index in the 100s. The boys are sweating in the shade.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Bike Fest

Once again we 'accidentally' rode to the local biker bar during one of their sponsored festivals. A live band, vendors, and hundreds of motorcycles. How could we resist?

We met up at 10:00, already getting hot. By the time we got down to the first river crossing it was raining. Didn't last. Taking us over two hours to get to the Woodstock Inn, by the time we got there the horses
were looking forward to a mid-day nap in the shade.

The place was bumping! Loud music, motorcycles revving and doing burnouts, etc., but the boys were cool and nonchalant. I couldn't be more pleased with their behavior. I am going to deem them completely bomb proof!

We got home closer to 7 and they got their warm bath, which they really did enjoy.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Busy Beaver

Firstly, it has been blazing hot around here - high heat AND humidity. The boys are wet just standing in the shade. The water heats up in the buckets. The patio is hot on your feet.

He took most of the week off, with the holiday somewhere in there. He has projects coming and going and accomplished lots on his 'down' time.

He installed the hot/cold faucet on the patio. We bathed the boys twice after riding, they really, really like the warmish water. Lexie also got a bath. We're going to use this faucet regularly.

He replaced the awning on the living quarters trailer. Standing out in the sun is a chore all by itself. He used a youtube video that had detailed instructions on the removal and installtion process, and it worked out beautifully!

He installed the 'Halo' recharging station for the electric car. This new outlet charges the car in quick time! While he had the masonry drill out, he installed an electrical outlet --- No more extension cords running from the shed or the house.

Like it or not, this house is slowly getting into the 21st century!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Double Rainbow!!

Blazing hot, went for a ride on a shady trail. Later we had a brief thunderstorm roll through and left us with cooler temps, a double rainbow and a stunning sunset.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Monday, July 1, 2013

1st of July

Today is the very middle of the year, with the same number of days before as left in 2013. The past six months flew by, waiting for weather, or waiting out the weather. The next six months will surely fly by, too. We have so many things planned, and so little time or money or energy to get all of them started or finished.