Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Has Sprung!

And with the snow finally cleared out the farm looks worse than ever! It's all good... I'll just keep telling myself that! We are also trying to get a automatic waterer for the boys. The list of things we need RIGHT AWAY is scary but we'll manage. We need to rent, not buy, some farm implements to get the corn stubble gone, that field fertilized and pasture grass started. We'll need to buy the Drag, but rent the sprayer and seeder. I don't want a lot of implements laying around, taking up valuable room. The debris field is bad enough, and must be dealt with right away.

We visited the County Extension Office and Soil Conservation Office. It's all done on the computer now, topography and everything! Last weekend we measured point-to-point several different locations, trying to site the barn and fencing in the most advantageous ways for the long-term. And of course I want the boys as close to the house as possible. It's all good and I'm really looking forward to a busy, exciting Springtime!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Wet Weekend Weather

I have stuff that I haven't unpacked since we moved into this house 22 years ago - I'm thinking that that crap shouldn't make the trip, right? Stream-line your life, a little bit everyday, and you'll be good to go! Right?! We are taking advantage of the wet weather, too, washing mouldings and walls, getting ready to paint the kitchen, stairwell, ceilings and touch-up the mouldings. And we don't want to get rid of our house - that can be the cash cow that keeps on giving, then move back in when we want to get back to civilization in our old age. It's the plan anyway.

And we also were babysitting Bristol for four days. April missed her when she went back home. ;(

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Paper Work - Let's Go GREEN

The Paperwork is coming into our e-mail in box as PDFs; need to be signed, countersigned, notarized, initialed, Blessed by a Priest, chanted over and then Fed Ex'd back. The Seller's Agent claims to have over 20 years experience as a Real Estate Agent, but I think it's more like 20 days. He forgets pages, that we had previously initialed or signed; he forgets what we've seen; what he's seen; where we left off, etc. It looks like we are forging ahead, nonetheless. The Community Bank has approved our loan, we have a good rate and a good term, so let's see what tomorrow might bring. Lots of changes coming our way. Oh Boy.

Monday, March 8, 2010

!OMG! We Bought The Farm!

Settlement is scheduled for on or about April 15, 2010. A new decade, a new chapter. The place is still mostly snow covered, what evil lurks beneath that white coating? Hmmmm...

The most important thing is that it is 9.34 acres, with usage of another 7.5 acres from the PEPCO right-of-way. No matter the issues with the house, and there are so many I don't have time to list what I already know about, you can't diminish the value of the land. This place has so much potential for what we want to use it for, we feel we can't go wrong. There is plenty of risk, but I think we can overcome anything that comes our way.

I think we have everything we need to make this place a success. We already have the tractor and the necessary farm implements, the big honking truck, tools, and physical fortitude. If not now, when? Originally we had thought we would continue to live our current lifestyle, living in an urban setting while boarding our horses. I was willing to do this until we retired. But another opportunity came along and felt that we just had to go for it. If not now, when?