Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Play Doh is Found!

This missing horse, Play Doh, has been found. Fully tacked up, even had his fly mask on. I can't get Alli to keep her's on for more than an hour.

Found by three hikers
miles from where he was last seen.

Play Doh first went missing May 27, the Friday before Memorial Day, when Susan Crawford was riding him on a trail, close to our horsey club, where she was camping out. Crawford said the trail gave out, causing them to slide. Play Doh got spooked and ran off.

When the hikers found Play Doh, he was caught on his saddle. However, Crawford said he must not have been stuck for long, because he was not dehydrated.
In this picture you can see the cuts and lacerations on this guy. He will make a full recovery.

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